CENOTE - Megalodon Scuba Dive Center Cozumel Mexico

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65 million years ago a giant meteor crashed in the area today called the Yucatan Peninsula and caused  an ice age and the consequent extinction of the dinosaurs .
The impact of the meteor is the main cause of the presence of the famous CENOTES.
Cenotes are natural fresh water pits connected by ancient tunnels rich in speleothemes,endemic cavernicula fauna and provide the most incredible shows of light & shadow.


The Mayan were using these Cenotes to supply the population with drinking water and also for religious ceremonies,human sacrifices to the god "CHAC" with the purpose to activate rains and encourage the cultivation of corn.
The Riviera Maya (Cozumel island included) is a natural heritage site.
We have the  most spectacular dry caves, and underwater caves, in the world. The area is in the very center of important scientific studies about biology, geology, anthropology, speleology and is also of huge cinematographic interest.
The Megalodon Dive Center organizes guided dives in the "cavern" zone and "cave" zone with the best technical equipment available,including the "Hogarthian" and "side mount" configuration.

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