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The "technical" courses we offer are actually only for cave diving with FMAS/CMAS school: Mexican Federation of Diving Activities,part of the World Federation CMAS,founded in France in the far 1959 by Jacques Yves Cousteau.


CAVE LEVEL 1 (Cavern Diver):
Learn the skills to dive in the "cavern" zone,where you always can see the natural sunlight to the exit,max distance from the surface can not exceed 40 meters,you learn to put,remove and follow the guideline,specific cavern comunication and emergency procedure.
Duration: 3 days / 4 dives
Prerequisites: Advanced Open Water Diver
Logbook: 25 dives
Minimum age: 18 years old


CAVE LEVEL 2 (Full/Cave Diver):
Here you get a high level of cave diving training with full equipment redundance (Hogarthian configuration),where the natural light does not penetrate into the cave,the max distance from the surface exceed the 40 meters,you learn to perform line "jumps","gaps",advanced touch comunication and extreme emergencies.
Duration: 6 days / 12 dives
Prerequisites: Cave Level 1 FMAS/CMAS
                       Advanced Nitrox
Logbook: 6 cavern dives
Minimum age: 18 years old

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